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Goa CET Application Form 2017

Goa CET Apply Online 2017 – The Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Goa, will lead GOA CET 2017 on May 09 and 10, 2017. Competitors who try to show up in the GCET 2017 must top off the enlistment shape. The hopefuls must satisfy the qualification criteria to qualify in the exam. Hopefuls will's identity qualified will be conceded for different building courses in the universities of Goa. Competitors must take after the imperative points of interest specified underneath for critical dates, application shape method, qualification criteria, exam design, concede card, results and more on Goa CET (GCET) 2017.

Applicants must satisfy the qualification conditions so as to qualify in the GCET 2017 for Bachelor in building courses. The following are the standards that the competitors must note before applying for the exam.

Candidates more likely than not passed Higher Secondary Education with no less than 45% of total for if there should arise an occurrence of general classification and 40% if there should arise an occurrence of SC/ST or its proportional from Goa Board or from a standard University.

Candidate GCET score must be atleast ought to be half (40% if there should be an occurrence of SC/ST/OBC and 45% for candidates having a place with PH class) total in indicated subjects.

Candidate for Degree Course in Architecture more likely than not showed up and got legitimate score at NATA directed by Council of Architecture.